​World Oral Health Day Campaign

March 27th, 2017

​World Oral Health Day Campaign

Healthier mouths achieve happier lives — that’s the motto of the World Oral Health Day campaign. The year-long campaign is launched every year on March 20th as part of a movement to create more awareness about the importance of having good oral health. The goal is to bring together all members of communities — government, health associations, and the public, to work toward preventing oral disease and maintaining mouth health.

The History of The World Oral Health Day Campaign

Although March 20, 2013 was the first date the campaign was widely recognized, it had its roots further back to 2007. The campaign was started by FDI World Dental Federation, a worldwide organization of dental professionals representing over 135 countries. The first celebration had originally taken place in September, but was later moved to March 20 for two reasons – September conflicted with an important Dental Congress meeting of the organization, and the significance of the numbers “32” and “20” could be represented in the date March 20, or 3/20. (Adults should have 32 healthy natural teeth, and babies or seniors should have 20).

Each year, the campaign focuses on a specific theme to target awareness and improvement efforts in that area. Past themes have included:

2013: Healthy Teeth for a Healthy Life

2014: Celebrating Healthy Smiles

2015: Smile for Life!

2016: Healthy mouth, Healthy Body

Each theme is specific enough to spark focused action but broad enough to be able to include individuals from all walks of life within its significance. The first year’s theme in 2013, for example, focused on the recognition that oral health problems can be just as lethal as other risk factors for chronic disease. Last year’s theme, “Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body” focused on a holistic view of oral health being one in the same as overall health.

Participating organizations get access to the campaign website, where they can get promotional materials such as posters, logos, and more to raise awareness of the celebration. Each year, the number of countries taking part in the campaign continues to increase, which shows that a growing number of world leaders are recognizing oral health to be important.

World Oral Health Day 2017 Campaign: Live Mouth Smart

This year’s theme is “Live Mouth Smart” — understanding that your oral health can affect your quality of life now and later on. This campaign focuses on four main points: safeguarding your oral health, avoiding risk factors, understanding that oral health is more than just a nice smile, and getting involved with the campaign’s activities. Major partners sponsor events all over the world to help spread the word. This year in Nigeria, for example, Pepsodent sponsored a “Health Walk,” which, as part of the “Brush Day and Night Campaign” will seek to educate millions of Nigerian families on best oral health practices.

The World Oral Health Day Campaign is also being celebrated widely on social media, with the hashtags #WOHD17 and #LiveMouthSmart. Premade headers are available on their website so people can show their support online. Posters and other pamphlets or resources are available for use on the website as well.

Although March 20, 2017, is the official launch date of this campaign, the message of fostering and sustaining good oral health goes on all year. The FDI World Dental Federation has already created a sense of urgency around the issue of oral health, and the campaign and movement will hopefully continue to grow and change habits and lives of many individuals around the world.

If you have any questions about how to take care of your teeth, or if you’d like to book an appointment with Chicago’s number one dentistry, Water Tower Dental Care, contact us today.

"Ring a Bell, Save a Tooth" - Bike Bell Safety 2013

July 17th, 2013

bike bell water tower dental care chicagoSince 2011, Water Tower Dental Care has provided bike bells for their patients during the summer months. Though the city of Chicago has taken measures to improve the safety of bike riders around the city, there are still over a thousand accidents every year due to unsuspecting drivers and pedestrians that don't see (or hear) a biker coming. Though it may be great business for a dental office to replace a biker's front teeth after such an accident, we're much more concerned with your safety than an appointment. That's why we started "Ring a Bell, Save a Tooth."

Bike bells are a great way to add an extra measure of safety when riding your bike. Whether it be in your neighborhood, down a busy street, or on the Lakeside bike path, bike bells can help warn people of your presence.

Great Times to Use Your Bike Bell

Of course, you don't need to ride down the street with your thumb constantly pressing on your new bike bell. Here are the most common situations for when a bike bell is best used:

Coming Around a Corner/Curve

If you can't see what the other end of a corner or curve in the road, you should assume whoever is on coming from the other angle can't see you either. Ring your bell so people know that you're headed their way. Of course, slow down and take those curves and corners with caution too.

Behind a Car 

Often when driving on the street with other vehicles, a driver of a car might not see you riding behind them. Either you're in their blind spot or they're too distracted texting their friend while changing the radio station with a hamburger in their hand. A good tug on your bell will alert them that you're close at hand so they can slow down, move to the side of the road, or just keep a better eye on you while driving.

Approaching Other Bikes

While on a bike path, or even on the road, you may find yourself fast approaching a slower group of bikers. Rather than crossing your fingers and hoping to pass them without even a flinch, ring your bell so they know you're coming up behind them. Most bikers will do their best to stay out of your way and keep clear of an accident. Believe it or not, this was the originally intention of the bike bell when first invented. The sound of the bell translated to "coming up behind!"

Just to Say Hello

A fun and common use of the bell these days is to greet a fellow biker. Especially when passing on opposite sides of the road, it serves as a friendly way to greet someone. Ring your bell to grabs their attention then send them a friendly wave or head nod. Most bikers find camaraderie with each other, so it's always good to share a friendly *ding ding* hello.
Along with bike bells, we encourage all riders to be safe, keep a helmet on the head, and do your best to practice smart riding by following the rules of the road. Though a few bike bells might not completely protect Chicago bikers from disaster, if we can help keep even a few people safe every summer, we feel we've helped do our job as community members.
If you'd like to pick up a bike bell, stop into Water Tower Dental today. Appointments can be made through our contact page.
Have a great summer and safe riding!

WTDC helping Smiles for the troops in Afghanistan

March 12th, 2013

Enjoy the Water Tower Dental Care lipbalms Infantry 2nd Platoon , FOB Walton, Afghanistan-The "Hooligans." Thanks for doing what you guys do. We all appreciate you and hope you come home safe soon~

Fox 32 featuring Water Tower Dental Care 12/16 @ 5pm

December 14th, 2012

Go Bears and WTDC!!! Don't forget, Water Tower Dental Care will be on Fox 32 this Sunday 12/16 @ 5pm (right after the Bears/Packers game) being featured regarding "One Day Dentistry" on the American Health Front special. Check it out and let us know what you think!
See you Sunday :)

Hurricane Sandy Relief thru Water Tower Dental Care

November 12th, 2012

donate today
For the past few weeks, our thoughts have been with those affected by Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath. In the spirit of philanthropy, now through the end of 2012, Dr. Aneszko and Dr. Stino will be donating 100% of all whitening proceeds to the Red Cross to benefit Hurricane Sandy Relief.  Schedule Zoom whitening or custom take home whitening trays today for yourself or a friend to help families, businesses, and communities recover and rebuild.  If you or your family are among those still recovering from the devastation, know that you are in our thoughts and prayers at Water Tower Dental Care.  Stay safe and be safe.

Welcome NATO!

May 16th, 2012

Water Tower Dental Care would like to welcome NATO to our fine city of Chicago this weekend May 18-21.  Our office is fluent in over six languages and we are available for any and all dental emergencies for the NATO dignitaries and their entourage.  Enjoy your time here and welcome to Chicago.

The twins have arrived!!

May 2nd, 2012

Water Tower Dental Care is happy to announce the arrival of Trevor and Greyson to Dr. Aneszko's family!  Congratulations to both Dr. Aneszko and his wife Danielle and we all look forward to sharing more photos of this beautiful family with our patients.

Dr. Stino at Families in the Loop 8/11

July 26th, 2011

Hey moms! Come see Dr. Stino at Kookaburra Cafe August 11th, @ 7pm with "Families in the Loop" for a special mommy pampering evening featuring smile and skin makeover tips-prizes to be won and gifts to go home with!

Time for some T.L.Me, as in Totally Loving Me, time! Why? Because we’re mamas, and we deserve it! Join us on August 11 at 7:00 PM for an unbelievable night of beauty boosting tips from two experts: Dermatologist Dina Elrashidy and Dentist Rana Stino, who focus on glamming-up gal pals like us. Space is limited so RSVP right away!

Ring a Bell, Save a Tooth

April 26th, 2011

ring a bell
Look for Dr. Aneszko and the Water Tower Dental Care team installing  bells on bikes throughout the city parks all summer long in 2011. Dr. Aneszko and his team are promoting safety along the lakeside because of the many accidents that happen to pedestrians . Grab a bell when you are here next or feel free to stop by and pick one up. The next time you are riding your bike, let someone know you are coming. "Ring a bell, Save a Tooth!"

Dr. Aneszko at Chicago LIVE!

March 15th, 2011

Our own Dr. Aneszko of Water Tower Dental Care was a guest speaker on the February 24th Chicago LIVE! show.  Dr. Aneszko spoke about celebrity teeth with Chicago Tribune film critic Michael Phillips during the show before Hollywood's big night, the Oscars!  See more photos of Dr. Aneszko by clicking on the below link.,0,4380738.photogallery

Oral Health America Gala

March 9th, 2011

Water Tower Dental Care was honored to be guests of Oral Health America's 21st Annual Gala held at Chicago's own Field Museum February 23rd, 2011.  Catherine, Adriana, Dr. Daniel Aneszko and his wife Danielle enjoyed speaking with the finest minds in dentistry as well as enjoying the delicacies the event offered with dinner.  WTDC sends a sincere Thank You to Bruce and Carter from Smilereminder for the invitation.  An amazing event connecting the oral health community and elevating the health of society.

Holiday Hours

December 22nd, 2010

Water Tower Dental Care will be closing at 4pm on Wednesday December 22nd and re-opening Monday January 3rd at 7:30am.  Our office will not be checking or returning e-mails or voicemails until the week of Monday January 3rd.   During the time we are closed, a Dr. will be accessible for emergencies at the number indicated on our office voicemail, 312-787-2131.  We wish all of our patients and their families a happy holiday and amazing New Year from our family at Water Tower Dental Care.  We look forward to seeing you in 2011!!!

Thanksgiving Hours

November 22nd, 2010

Water Tower Dental Care will be closed Wednesday November 24th -Sunday November 28th.  We will re-open and check voicemail messages on Monday November 29th at 7:30am.  An emergency contact number will be provided on our voicemail 312-787-2131 during the time we are closed.  Water Tower Dental Care is very thankful for our wonderful patients and we wish all of you a healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!
Scheduling Coordinator
Water Tower Dental Care

Water Tower Dental Care Expansion

October 7th, 2010

Diana-and-Helen-Building-the-Practice-224x300Our team members Diana and Helen assist with the continuing expansion of the office.  We are thrilled to hear our patients comments regarding their new amenities with the expansion and look forward to showing you the finished office.  Call today to make an appointment and see your new Water Tower Dental Care!
Water Tower Dental Care

Smiles for Life 2010

October 7th, 2010

Smiles for Life Press Release 2010
Please view our press release from Smiles for Life.  Thank you to all of our incredible patients that helped us accomplish this amazing feat.   We are all looking forward to going back to the Dominican Republic soon to continue our humanitarian mission for dental relief.  Thank you again to all of those that gave this year and we are always availabe for any questions on how you can donate.

Dr. Stino's Endo course at UIC

September 21st, 2010

During the entire month of July, Dr.Stino successfuly completed an Advanced Root Canal Technique course at the Department of Endodontics at Univerisity of Illinois, Chicago. Only 2 dentists are accepted into this challenging course every year. The course includes seminar and technique lab and covers many of the various cleansing and shaping techniques, filling techniques, perforation repair techniques, and instrument retrieval techniques as well as use of the dental operating microscope. We always strive to provide you with the latest and most advanced technology and training offered in dentistry today!

WTDC Expansion

July 21st, 2010

We are constantly trying to improve the level of care at Water Tower Dental Care, and for that reason, we will be closed for office improvements from –Friday July 30th to Tuesday August 17th, re-opening Wednesday August 18th.
By doing these improvements, We will be providing our patients with an...
1. In-House Periodontist / Implant specialist.
2. An in-office patient washroom. No more walking down the hall.
3. New, State of the Art Sterilization Center.
4. An Endodontic microscope and the latest in Endodontic Rotary Technology.
5. More comfortable  Digital Panoramic x-ray unit. Ultra low radiation.
6. Product and Sample display.
7. Private Consultation Room.
8. Drinking Fountain.
9. Many more advances we can’t wait for you to see.
If you have any type of dental emergency during these dates, Please call or text Dr. Aneszko at 773-655-1183. Email
We are looking forward to welcoming you to YOUR new practice.
Hope to see you!

Water Tower Dental Care's newest Member

May 3rd, 2010

Chicago's premiere cosmetic dental office has its newest member with the addition of  Dr. Rana Stino's baby boy born Saturday, May 1st.  Dr. Stino's family is all smiles with their newest addition and both mother and baby are doing great! Dr. Aneszko and the team here at Chicago's Water Tower Dental Care can't wait to see the little guy.  Water Tower Dental Care hopes everyone's May started out as great as ours and we look forward to seeing your smiles.

Smiles for Life

March 25th, 2010

We here at Water Tower Dental Care are so excited to be a part of Smiles for Life for the fourth year running! March thru June, all proceeds from professional whitening services go to help seriously ill, disabled, and underprivileged children in our community and around the world. 100% of the money! We are always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our trip to the Dominican Republic in 2008 thru this incredible organization. It is never to late to help.