Meet Dr. Aneszko

Daniel Aneszko, DDS

For as long as I can remember, all I ever wanted to do was be a dentist. My passion encompasses so much more though than just teeth. I’ve always been detail-oriented and fascinated by the biomechanics of the jaw and its function. This makes my approach to dentistry more comprehensive, allowing for long-term stable results. I love being a dentist and can’t imagine doing anything else!

The best part of my job is building relationships with patients. I treat every patient as if they are going to be our patient for life, focusing on healthy gums, beautiful teeth, and comfortable muscles and jaw joints. I’ve learned that honesty and communication are essential in building trust and loyalty among the patients we serve. I do what’s necessary to nurture those relationships and treat all of my patients as if they were family.

Education, Experience, & Research

After graduating from the University of Detroit School of Dentistry and completing a general practice residency at Loyola Medical Center, I pursued multiple postgraduate programs in advanced dentistry with the Hornbrook Center for Dentistry, the Kois Center, the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, BioRESEARCH Associates, and Invisalign®. Every year, my partner and I dedicate more than 100 hours to continuing our dental education to keep up with the ever-changing dental industry.

I currently teach Live Patient Treatment Courses with David Hornbrook DDS and Mark Montgomery DDS through Utah Valley Dental Lab. Visit to learn more and sign up.

I am also an advisor for Clyra Medical technology that has developed an FDA-approved copper-iodine complex OraClyra mouth rinse. This amazing medical breakthrough formula is extremely safe, and effective at killing 99.999% of harmful microbial viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria, and fungi.

Donating my professional services to humanitarian organizations like Smiles for Life, Goldie’s Place, and the Life After Innocence program through Loyola University is the most satisfying thing I can do. My Team and I assist our less fortunate of Chicago through internal programs and outreach programs every year. 


Continuing Education


Outside the Office

When I am at the office, dentistry is my complete focus, but outside the office, you’ll find me cycling, kayaking, & weight lifting. I enjoy learning about nutrition and reading the Word of God. The love of my life is my beautiful wife Danielle, and our three boys: Trevor & Greyson ( 8 y.o twins), and Caleb (7).

You will feel the love we have for our work the minute you arrive at our office. Gracious, comprehensive, state-of-the-art dentistry is the foundation of all we do at Water Tower Dental Care. Whether you’re looking for a lifelong oral health care partner or you’re considering a complete smile makeover, you’ll quickly discover the difference we can make in your life.