Enamel Remineralization

Who is this for?

Enamel remineralization is indicated with localized decalcification, hypo calcification, demineralization, “white spots,” or other conditions that result in an irregular enamel appearance.

How does it work?

After the teeth have been isolated, the enamel is prepped through micro abrasion in order to open up the “pores” by lightly pumicing the surface, followed by a phosphoric etch. This will only affect the surface (in fact, improve it), but not the subsurface.

Regeneration of the subsurface immediately after micro abrasion can address the underlying opacity and maximize the aesthetic benefit of treatment. Once the tooth is conditioned, Calcium Phosphate, Sodium Fluoride, and RECALDENT penetrate the “pores” (enamel rods), to improve the appearance, sensitivity, and strength of the tooth.

This process is repeated twice during each appointment, with at least three appointments scheduled over 3 to 4 weeks, ideally. Following the in-office treatment and for the duration of the 4-week cycle, the patient will need to apply MI Paste with a clean finger or tray to all treated teeth after their normal brushing routine morning and night.

What are the benefits?

  • Treated teeth appear whiter/brighter
  • White spots either disappear completely or appear more blended with surrounding enamel
  • Treated teeth are more resistant to acid erosion and demineralization/decay
  • Treated teeth are less sensitive
  • Less translucency along incisal edge, leading to more youthful appearance of teeth

Are there any risks?

Patients who have milk protein allergies should not use MI Paste (this is NOT the same as lactose intolerance).

It is also suggested that patients refrain from ingesting staining products during the remineralization cycle since, after etching, the dental tubules are wide open and can easily pick up stains. Avoid wine, tea, coffee, cola drinks, tomato sauce, etc. … and if patients choose to indulge, keep to a minimum and always drink through a straw.

Results will vary between patients, and even from tooth to tooth, depending on the depth of the white spot lesion. The deeper the lesion, the longer it may take for desired results and more cycles will be required.

Optimal aesthetic benefits cannot be guaranteed due to the many variations in lesion size and depth.

The patient’s home compliance with applying the MI Paste 2x daily and avoiding stain-causing materials is key in reaching desired results.

Post-op sensitivity may be a risk in patients with any root or dentin exposure.

Surface roughness of enamel typically subsides with patient’s home compliance of applying the MI paste twice daily for up to six weeks.

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