Emergency Dental Care - Chicago, IL

Emergency Dental Care: Call (312)787-2131

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If you experience a dental emergency, call us any time of the day, night, weekends, or holidays. Like most dental emergencies, they occur at the most inopportune times of the day, and often when you least expect them. The situations requiring immediate care include:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth causing pain
  • Damaged filling or crown causing pain
  • Intense pain in the gums, jaws, teeth, or jaw joints
  • Knocked-out tooth or teeth

It's comforting to know that you'll speak to a real person, well-educated in handling all dental emergency calls. Our concern and guidance will follow you every step of the way towards your quick recovery. 

Severe Dental Emergency: Call 911

If you are bleeding profusely from your head, face, jaw, or mouth, call 911 or go to an emergency room immediately. A physician is best suited to care for your injury, and will most likely suture the area to stop the bleeding. When you can call our office (312.787.2131) to arrange for a consultation and/or an examination.

If you think your jaw may be broken, head to the emergency room as well. We cannot set bones, but we can see you after you have been treated by an orthopedic physician.

Minor Pain

If you are NOT experiencing severe pain that would prevent you from going to sleep, and taking over-the-counter pain medications is helping to control the daytime pain, please call our office (312.787.2131) to arrange an appointment during regular business hours. Depending on our daily schedule, a same-day appointment may be available. Ignoring the pain, believing that it will soon stop, could potentially be life-threatening, exacerbating the problem, which is the reason to call. 

Emergency Dental Tips


  • If the tooth is dirty, run it under a small trickle of water, being careful not to touch or damage the nerves if still attached
  • Gently hold the tooth by the crown, not the roots
  • Try to keep the tooth moist by placing it in a "Ziploc Slider" bag, into which some milk or the patient's saliva will cover the tooth
  • Call our office as soon as possible for further instructions and an appointment.


  • Inlays, fillings, onlays, and crowns can fall out when you least expect it. Attempt to find the restoration, and if it's still in one piece, apply a small dab of toothpaste to the underside and replace it in its former position.
  • If it's in pieces, place them in a "Ziploc Slider" bag, as it's always possible to replace a restoration or filling.
  • Call our office as soon as possible for further instructions and an appointment


  • Just a small piece of food lodged between teeth can cause severe pain. Floss that area, and the pain should subside once the food is dislodged
  • Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain medications, such as "Advil" can help reduce the pain. 
  • For a "throbbing" pain, take "Advil" for temporary relief, and call our office as soon as possible for further instructions and an appointment for what might be an infected tooth.