Same Day Crowns - Chicago, IL

Crowns (Same-Day)

Porcelain or metal crowns are a dental restoration option, used to strengthen a tooth, or improve its shape, and are most often used for teeth that are broken, worn, or partially destroyed by decay. Cemented onto an existing tooth, a crown covers the portion of the tooth above the gum line, and in essence, becomes the tooth’s new outer surface. Once sculpted, your bite and jaw movements are artistically restored to normal. Porcelain crowns are the preferred material, since they mimic the translucency of natural teeth, and are created in a dental laboratory, following your exact tooth-impression’s specifications.

With CEREC technology Dr. Aneszko and Dr. Stino are able to make most crowns in one visit!


*The video below shows Composite (aka bonding) on the front two teeth, and replacing two failing gold onlays due to recurrent decay, using e.Max lithium disilicate All-Ceramic crowns. The total treatment time was 3 hours, same day treatment.