How Chicago's Sun Affects Your Teeth

March 17th, 2016

How Chicago's Sun Affects Your TeethSpring is a beautiful time of year, especially in Chicago. We boast some of the best temperatures during this time, perfect for visiting Millennium Park or heading to Wrigley Field. When the sun comes out during these glorious days, you will more often than not find yourself applying sunscreen to avoid those nasty burns. The sun is something that warms us to our core, yet too much of it can be dangerous to our skin.
Does too much exposure to the sun affect our pearly whites as well? Here, we attempt to find out, so you don’t find yourself spending most of your time standing under the bean, keeping your teeth (and skin) safe!

What is Tooth Decay?

Before we discuss the connection between Chicago’s sun and your pearly whites, it’s important to understand tooth decay. Like your skin, your teeth are probably one of your most prized possessions (Here at Water Tower Dental Care, they’re definitely ours!). Teeth play an extremely important role in the health of your body. Tooth decay has been shown to lead to other health problems, if infected matter makes its way into your bloodstream. Overall, bad oral health can lead to health risks beyond your mouth, including heart disease and more!

The Link Between Vitamin D and Oral Health

Some studies have shown that tooth decay is the most common in late winter and the first few weeks of spring. This is because you will have the lowest exposure to Vitamin D during those times. Vitamin D, a vitamin produced in the skin when exposed to ultraviolet B light from the sun, is very healthy for your body overall. Vitamin D can help fight off bacterial infections in your body, especially the ones caused by tooth decay.

How Vitamin D Helps Strengthen Your Teeth

While Vitamin D cannot contribute anything to your teeth directly, Vitamin D’s main contribution comes when it interacts with Calcium, which makes your teeth and bones strong. While calcium strengthens your body, the body does not easily absorb it. This is where Vitamin D comes in, as it serves as a catalyst for calcium absorption, making you stronger than ever before and helping you absorb the most calcium possible from the foods you eat!
The more you are in the sun, the more Vitamin D your body will produce, and the more calcium levels in your body will rise. Vitamin D helps indirectly fight off gum disease, by strengthening the bones around your teeth. In conclusion, Vitamin D leads to stronger teeth, which helps fight off bacterial infections.


To summarize, being in the sun might not be as bad as you might have thought! While you should still be sure to wear sunscreen during Chicago’s warm summer months, the cool temperatures we currently have are perfect for enjoying Navy Pier, the Riverwalk, and more.
While you’re outside in these comfortable months, let Vitamin D and calcium do the work, strengthening your teeth and your bones. Your teeth may be strong, but don’t skip out on a check-up just because the sun is out! Contact us today!