What Does Full-Mouth Reconstruction Actually Mean?

June 20th, 2013

what does full mouth reconstruction meanMany patients think that the longer they wait to come to the dentist, the closer they get to un-repairable teeth. Though untreated dental conditions can rapidly affect the health and appearance of your teeth, our team at Water Tower Dental Care can always do something to help. More likely than not, a full-mouth reconstruction plan can be set up to transfer your frown into a gleaming smile of straight and white teeth. How does full-mouth reconstruction work? It depends on the severity of your teeth, but there are a few treatments that are typically considered when deciding to reconstruct.
Here are a few of the most common treatments for full-mouth reconstruction.

General Dentistry

First, and the most basic, we do a full cleaning and evaluation of your teeth to determine the severity of your conditions. Often we can find one or two underlying problems that, once addressed, can drastically turn the condition of your teeth. Conditions such as gum disease and TMJ dysfunction can be discovered at this stage. After a proper cleaning and inspection, our talented dentists can recommend the proper cosmetic procedures to help bring your teeth back to life.

Dental Implants

One cosmetic treatment the dentist might recommend is dental implants. Often one or two missing teeth can be all that stands between you and a perfect smile. Though it may be a tooth that someone wouldn't notice is missing, gaps in the mouth can be detrimental to your oral health, allowing an open space for bacteria to breed. Missing teeth can also damage your jawbone and wear away at its structure. Dental implants fill in those areas to provide you with a great looking smile while helping prevent gum diseases and retain healthy bone structure.

Porcelain Veneers

Another potential option when undergoing Full-Mouth Restoration is porcelain veneers. This is a way to mask stained or misshaped teeth. The Water Tower Dental Care team first takes digital photos to show you an altered image that helps you decide the look of your smile. Next you are given a trial set to mimic the final veneers for 100% confidence that you will have the look you want. When ready, the Water Tower Dental Care team will bind the veneers to your teeth using a heat-activated cement that holds the porcelain tight onto your tooth.

Cosmetic Bonding

Sometimes, porcelain veneers can't be applied or your teeth have too small of a misshape to need a full veneer. In this case, Water Tower Dental Care recommends cosmetic bonding. We apply a putty-like composite resin made to match the color of your teeth. We then rebuild your tooth with the composite. Once it hardens we can shape and sculpt the tooth to a perfect look. Bonding only lasts 5 - 10 years but can drastically affect the look of a smile.


Last, no matter how good your teeth look, they won't last long unless the proper steps are taken to keep your teeth and gums clean. We will help our patients maintain their healthy smile by addressing the underlying dental conditions and making sure they stay away. Teeth grinding, gingivitis, and a long line of gum diseases must all be kept at bay to keep your smile looking fantastic. We are happy to work with you to ensure a healthy smile and lifestyle.
If you have any more questions on Full-Mouth Reconstruction, don't be afraid to contact Water Tower Dental Care, you're #1 Dentist in Chicago. We'd be happy to discuss with you any of your concerns and assure you that choosing us is the first step to a wonderfully bright smile.