Digital Dentistry- Designing the Perfect Smile

Dentistry is changing about as fast as computer technology. We are shifting from an analog world, into a digital world full of options that weren't available ever before. At Water Tower Dental Care in Chicago, we are able to simulate smile makeover outcomes, at a fraction of the cost. If someone was interested in enhancing their smile, we can take an oral digital scan (what you may remember as an impression using a tray and alginate) and digitally import the 3D rendering into a CAD/CAM (computer assisted design/machining) software. From there, we can digitally manipulate the shape of the teeth, and restore worn edges, correct rotated teeth, replace missing teeth, and close gaps just to name a few examples. Once the new smile is designed and overlaid the patients facial photo, we have the option to further make adjustments and modification with the patients input. Once everyone is happy with the digital simulation, we can 3D print the .stl file from the CAD software. We use this 3D print to shrink wrap the proposed smile enhancement on the patients teeth without needing to numb, drill or alter their existing teeth. The patient can go home for the a day and feel what it would be like to have their smile restored. It's truly a conservative and non-invasive way to give patients a "trial smile' before they commit to treatment. If you are interested in being assessed for a trial smile, give Water Tower Dental Care in Chicago a call at 312-787-2131. We look forward to giving you the smile of your dreams.