​Dream Analysis: What Does It Mean When Your Teeth Fall Out In Your Dreams?

teeth falling out dreamWhile dreams can sometimes seem a little bizarre, often times these dreams are derived in our minds because of things that are happening in our every day lives. Regardless of how strange a dream may seem, these dream sequences can have both positive and negative interpretations that can give a little insight into things that may be happening in our lives. Instead of jumping to conclusions about what a dream may mean, it is always a important to write down what you remember from the dream in order to best interpret what the details may mean. Some dreams may seem completely irrelevant to what is happening in your life, but it’s not until you start looking at their meanings, do they make more sense.

Dreams that involved teeth falling out are actually a very common dream scenario, especially during moments of transition in your life. Whether they fall out one by one, all at once, crumble away, or in some other manner, teeth falling out and leaving your mouth completely empty can have several meanings. There are many different theories about what it means when your teeth fall out in your dreams, so it’s best to use those theories as a guideline that may relate back to what is happening in your current situation.

One of the most popular interpretations to teeth falling out in our dreams is related to anxiety, usually involving personal appearance and insecurities. It’s natural to care about how you look, and missing teeth can cause a whirlwind of anxiety in real life, hence the powerful, exaggerated message in our dreams. If you are suffering from low self-esteem, this could be a common image experienced in dreams. It can also mean insecurity due to a personal loss. The loss of teeth serves as a metaphor for something, either physical or non-physical, that has left you feeling insecure. It could mean a fear of rejection, making a fool out of yourself, or being embarrassed. This dream is a common in women who are going through menopause, leading researchers to believe it surrounds the fear of getting older and feeling less attractive and/or feminine. It can also come from the stressed felt by being overwhelmed by changes.

Another interpretation of this dream can also be related to a costly compromise. Perhaps you have agreed to something that will require a lot of your time and energy or possibly cost a lot of money. It could also be about an unpleasant decision you have to make, like being stuck in a job you hate or in a degree program that you are falling out of love with. If you have to make a costly choice, missing teeth could indicate a situation that you may have to “chew” on for a while. It could also represent the inability to make a decision and the consequences of that.

Teeth are also a strong, powerful tool our body uses to tear, chew, and grind food. Losing teeth in dreams can also mean a feeling of helplessness or losing power. Take this as a sign to be more assertive and speak up for yourself. Also, in regards to your body, it can mean a fear about your health. Losing teeth in real life may indicate poor diet or malnutrition so losing them in a dream could be playing on that fear.

Dreams about losing teeth don’t always represent something negative. Teeth falling out could mean you’re growing as a person. When you lose your teeth as a child, it means that your body is making room for adult teeth and therefore growing up. This can be seen as a transition into a new life chapter. Psychologist Carl Jung suggested that dreams about tooth loss indicate rebirth, or giving life. Although this particularly applies to women, it can relate to men too. Losing teeth in your dreams can represent letting go of tension and other negative emotions currently being experienced, usually during a transition or some sort of change. You are letting go of the bad to make way for the new and good.

Ultimately, dreams are over-exaggerations of what is happening in your every day life, and it is important to realize that while dreams can symbolize feelings we are experiencing, they are just scenarios in our mind that are often much worse than what we are actually experiencing. Most of the time, there is nothing to worry about, and our fears could be playing tricks on us in the forms of dreams.

Next time you dream about teeth falling out, consider what is going on in your life and use these dream interpretations to your advantage to either try to turn the situation around or to give you more insight into your well-being.