Five Foods for Healthier Gums

Five Foods for Healthier GumsTo keep your gums as healthy as possible, you should brush and floss daily. Did you know that there are certain foods that can help to keep your gums in top shape? Here are our picks of food to eat to help keep your gums extra healthy.
Raw Onions
While they may leave your breath in a state of emergency, believe it or not, raw onions are great for your gums. This is because they contain antimicrobial sulfur compounds that help eliminate several kinds of bacteria that are known to cause cavities and gum disease. Add raw onions to a sandwich or salad to help keep your gums healthy. If you can’t handle them raw (or have a hot date you need to prepare for), you can always cook them. Though they may not be as tough as the raw ones, they’re still better than no onion at all.

Citrus Fruits
A great source of Vitamin C, citrus fruits will help keep your gums healthy and prevent bleeding. If you notice your gums are inflamed or start to bleed when flossing, try to consume more citrus fruits such as oranges, pineapples and grapefruit.
Green Tea
You should try to have a cup of green tea once a day if you can. Make it a regular part of your diet. Green tea contains complex compounds known as “catechins” that are able to fight free radicals and bacteria that often cause inflammation in the gums. Green tea can help lower your chance of periodontal disease and can reduce the risk of tooth loss later in life.
Milk or Low Fat Dairy
Calcium is one of the most important minerals to help build strong teeth and gums. While many people relate calcium to strong teeth, many don’t realize that it actually helps your gums just as much. In fact, consuming the proper daily amount of calcium can greatly lower your risk of gum disease. Don’t think milk is your only option though. Low-fat yogurt and cheese are great sources of calcium as well. If you’re eating a lot of citrus fruits, a good cheese is a great way to balance out the acidity that can often have a negative effect on your teeth.
Shiitake Mushrooms
Eating shiitake mushrooms is a great way to help prevent gingivitis. This delicious fungi contains a natural sugar known as lentinan. Lentinan does an amazing job of killing the bacterial biofilm, which is known to cause gingivitis. Even more impressive, lentinan kills bad bacteria while leaving the non-harmful bacteria in your mouth alone.
Foods to avoid: Refined Sugar and Flour
And, just for extra protection, here’s a food source that you should try to avoid. That’s right, the ingredients that you find in bread, pastries, and donuts are a killer to your gums. This is because they hurt your body’s natural defenses against bacteria while helping the bad bacteria flourish. Do your best to avoid foods that have too many refined sugars (candy, soda, etc.) along with flour (pastries, donuts, cake).
With an artillery of healthy foods and the knowledge of what to avoid, you can have healthy gums for years to come. If you have any more questions about keeping your gums and teeth healthy, contact Water Tower Dental. Our team of experts will help you on the path to a bright smile.