What Are Laser Gum Lifts?

before after gum liftWhen a patient has an excessive amount of gum tissue covering their teeth, they can option for a procedure known as laser gum recontouring, or more commonly referred to as laser gum lifts. This simple procedure can transform a person’s mouth and give them a more confident smile. So what are laser gum lifts and how is the procedure performed?
When gums become too excessive in the mouth, they can make teeth look small and stubby. This can be a cause of heredity issues, a specific health problem, or from the result of taking certain prescription drugs. While excessive gums can be unsightly they do not cause serious health issues. Gum recontouring is purely a cosmetic choice to give you a brighter, more confident smile. There are cases where recontouring is necessary however, typically when another procedure with the gums is involved such as crown lengthening and regenerative surgeries.

The first steps to laser gum lifts starts with a consultation with your dentist to discuss the procedure, various options, and what you expect from the outcome. While laser gum lifts can help improve your smile, you also want to understand the risks and challenges that come with it.
While gum recontouring started with using a scalpel, at Water Tower Dental, we use a soft-tissue laser which helps minimize bleeding and pain. First your dentist will use a local anesthetic to eliminate discomfort. Then, after marking the amount of gums to remove, the laser is used to sculpt a uniform gum line that reveals more teeth and gives your smile a more slender look. Soft-tissue lasers cauterize while they cut which helps minimize the amount of bleeding and discomfort while helping reduce the risk of infection.
After the procedure a patient will experience sore and swollen gums for about a week. While there will be slight discomfort, it will not interfere with regular activities such as eating, drinking, and talking. It is recommended to eat soft foods and to avoid spicy meals and foods that have seeds for the week after surgery. For any discomfort, the dentist will recommend a mild pain reliever such as ibuprofen. As with any mouth surgery, it is also recommended to brush and floss you teeth very gently until soreness and swelling is reduced. If your gums continue to cause discomfort after a week, it is wise to contact your dentist to ensure there are no signs of infection.
before after gum liftFor patients that would like to have less build up of gums and a better looking smile, laser gum lifts are a great option. At Water Tower Dental, we can help reshape your gum line to lengthen your teeth, and eliminate a surplus of gums that distract someone from seeing your brilliant smile. As well, some patients don’t necessarily have a surplus of gums but rather an uneven gum line. When that happens, we are able to create a symmetrical gum line that keeps your teeth looking even and allows for your smile to shine.
The risks that come with laser gum lifts are low. Complications can arise which include excessive bleeding and swelling of the gums or allergic reactions to the anesthesia during the treatment. However, these complications are very rare compared to more serious dental surgeries.
If you’re interested in reducing your gums or creating a more even gum line, contact Water Tower Dental today and talk to our team of dental experts to learn how your can start your path to a brighter smile.