April Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Make an appointment with Water Tower Dental Care for your oral cancer screening today.  According to Brian Hill, oral cancer survivor and founder of The Oral Cancer Foundation (www. oralcancerfoundation.org). "It used to be older individuals who were habitual tobacco users. Now, the primary cause of oral cancers, approximately 63%, is the HPV-16 virus." HPV-16 is one of several strains of the human papilloma virus widely known to cause genital warts and cervical cancer. According to Hill, "Anyone who is old enough to have sex is old enough to have the virus and should be screened for oral cancer. Basically, any adult who walks into a dentist's office should be screened," Hill said in an interview.
The screening for oral cancer is fast and pain free using the Velscope by LED Dental which uses a special light that detects abnormal cells by making them glow.
Call 312-787-2131 to schedule a 30 minute velscope appointment with Dr. Aneszko or Dr. Stino today!