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At Water Tower Dental Care, you’ll be amazed at how warm and friendly a state-of-the-art dental practice can feel. That’s because the humans using the technology are actually warm and friendly! Though the words “advanced instrumentation” may make you want to shut down faster than a computer with spyware, we think it’s important for you to understand just how amazing these tools are, and what they can do for your oral health!

Digital Radiography– Detailed images of internal oral structures for more accurate diagnosis. 90% less radiation. WIN!

Cone Beam CT Scan – CBCT scans allow us to take high resolution x-rays of your mouth and nasal cavities to help better determine the correct course of treatment. Click here to learn more about Cone Beam CT Scans.

Intraoral Cameras– Now you can see what we see! A tiny pen-sized wand with a camera tip allows us to take a field trip around your mouth while projecting it onto a chairside monitor. We can point out areas of concern, helping you learn a little more about the status of your dental health. WIN!

DIAGNOdent– Until there is a cure for dental caries we will do all in our power to fight them, including early detection and proactive treatment. We use DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection to catch even the tiniest areas of decay so that procedures are minimally invasive, saving more of your natural tooth structure. WIN!

Lasers– Using a powerful beam of concentrated light, lasers allow us to perform lots of procedures much more comfortably –as in, you-might-not-even-need-anesthetic-injections comfortably. With lasers, we can provide both restorative and cosmetic procedures, such as gum recontouringperiodontal therapy, and even cavity removal with no drill! BIG WIN!

VELscope– Oral Cancer detection is extremely important, and for that reason we use VELscope to spot problems that the naked eye might not be able to see. VELscope uses a special light to illuminate abnormal cells so they appear different to healthy, surrounding tissue. HUGE WIN!

T-Scan Bite Analysis– With this digital system, we are able to measure your bite and find misalignments and other problems quickly and accurately. If we know your bite isn’t functioning properly, we can take the necessary steps to stop problems such as worn teeth, jaw pain, migraines, even gum disease and tooth loss. WIN! Click here to learn more about T-Scan Bite Analysis.

Technology- 6, Dental Problems- 0

Treat your smile to a little bit of luxury in the heart of Chicago! Call Water Tower Dental Care today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Aneszko or Dr. Stino. From our offices in Water Tower Place building on The Magnificent Mile, we offer a level of service that’s anything but ordinary!

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